For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when the name Harriet Schock enters the conversation is “songwriter.” True, Helen Reddy’s recording of Harriet’s “Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady” and subsequent Grammy nomination of that recording put Harriet’s songwriting talents front and center in the minds (and charts) of record company executives! But what brought that song (and many others) to the attention of Helen was Harriet’s debut solo album, “Hollywood Town,” which received sufficient radio airplay to get noticed. Her songwriting just happened to be part and parcel of who Harriet was, and still is, a musical storyteller who loves to perform.

What follows is a partial listing of Harriet Schock’s songs as heard in films, on television and recorded by others. Also on this page are Awards and Accolades bestowed upon Harriet for her successful career and commitment to the art and craft of songwriting, as well as sharing that knowledge with others through her classes, consultations and seminars.

An exclusive and insightful interview video with qWaqq’s founder Jud Friedman, and a comprehensive listing of Harriet’s works, both as a sole writer, and as a collaborator in the songwriting process, round out this segment of Harriet Schock’s creative universe.

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

Films Featuring Songs and Music Cues by Harriet Schock

The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking (Columbia) – Dennis Dugan, Eileen Brennan, Dick Van Patten

The M Word – A film by Henry Jaglom starring Tanna Frederick and Michael Imperioli
Irene in Time (Rainbow Pictures) – A Henry Jaglom film starring Tanna Frederick
Hollywood Dreams (Rainbow Pictures) – A Henry Jaglom film starring Tanna Frederick and Justin Kirk
Going Shopping (Jagtoria Film Company) – A Henry Jaglom film
The Mirror (Big Screen Entertainment)
SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (Triumph Films)
Unleashed (Paramount)
Delta Force II (Pathe Films) – Chuck Norris
Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon (Tri-Star) – Taimac, Vanity
Forbidden Dance (21st Century) – Barbra Brightson, Miranda Garrison
Phantom of the Opera (21st Century)
Unsettled Land (Hemdale)
Knights of the City (New World) – Michael Ansara, Wendy Barry, Joe Foglia
Steele Justice (Atlantic) – Robert Kim, Martin Kove
Hysterical (Hudson Bros.) – John Larroquette, Julie Newmar, Keenan Wynn, Gary Owens
Ten To Midnight (Cannon) – Charles Bronson
Night of the Running Man
Case of the Silk King
Lambada (21st Century)

Harriet Schock’s literate songs are characters in themselves. (Irene in Time review)
Sheri Linden

L.A. Times

Television Programs Featuring Songs by Harriet Schock

Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (PBS) – Theme Song
Trophy Wife (ABC)
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (Universal)
The Secret Garden (ABC) – Kate Maberly, Maggie Smith
Matters of the Heart (MCA/Universal) – Jane Seymour
Snip (Sit-Com)
Baby Makes Five (ABC)
Ace Hits the Big Time (CBS)
NBC Saturday Morning Preview (NBC)
Death Moon (Roger Gimbel, Producer)
Crossing the Mob (NBC Movie ofthe Week)
Just Tipsy, Honey (CBS)
Nervous Ticks
Fun with Spanish (Walt Disney)
Cave Kids (Hanna-Barbera Productions)
State Fair (CBS)
Sing Me A Story with Belle (Disney)

Harriet Schock is the cream of the crop. Not only a composer of one of the most iconic hits in popular music she is also a wonderful person to work alongside. She gets it!
Mike Young

Splash Entertainment

Helen Reddy - No Way to Treat a Lady

Artists who have recorded Harriet Schock’s songs

Helen Reddy – Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady

Helen Reddy – Mama

Smokey Robinson – First Time on a Ferris Wheel
Carl Anderson – First Time on a Ferris Wheel

Johnny Mathis – Ooh, What We Do

Manfred Mann – Hollywood Town
Roberta Flack – Happiness

Mireille Mathieu – Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady (recorded in French)
Lee Greenwood – Winds of Change
Vikki Carr – Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady
Dreaming – Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid)

Letta Mbulu – Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady (in English/Zosa)
That’s the Way it is With You – Partridge Family
LAX – Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady
Rebecca Parris – First Time on a Ferris Wheel
Charlene – When the Magic Dies

Gloria Loring – First Time on a Ferris Wheel
Elaine, Lambert and Karl – Search

Vesica Pisces – OK, You Win, I Give Up, You’re Right, I’m Gone

Vesica Pisces – Glass Ceiling

Nancy Wilson – First Time on a Ferris Wheel
Jeannie Kendall – Worn Around the Edges
Jeannie Kendall – You Just Don’t Get Me Do You?
Snuff – United or Divided

Harriet Schock Helen Reddy Platinum Record

Awards & Accolades

Grammy Nomination – Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady (vocals, Helen Reddy)
Cashbox Award – Best New Female Artist (twice)
Dramalogue Award – Best Cabaret/Show Singer/Composer
Gold Record (RIAA) – Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady – Helen Reddy
Gold Record (RIAA) – Music, Music (Mama) – Helen Reddy
Platinum Record (RIAA) – Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits – Helen Reddy
Award for Career Achievement and Industry Contribution – Los Angeles Women in Music

Harriet Schock Interview on qWaqqchat

Songs by Harriet Schock as Sole Writer

8 Seconds to Glory
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady
All about Eve
All I Ever Wanted Was Your Love
American Romance
Breakdown on Memory Lane
Brooklyn Can Hear You Braggin’
Can You Feel the Love
Carousel Love
Chinese Boxes
Christmas Is for Lovers
Come Inside, Cowboy
Could It Be
Don’t Let Me Go
Don’t Say
Dreaming of Casablanca
Fool That I Was
For What It’s Worth
Go On and Go
Good Girl Down
He Makes Me Laugh
He’s So Macho
Hold Me
Hollywood Town
I Could’ve Said It All
I Don’t Believe You
I Don’t Wanna Want You
I Want Your Time
I Oughta Know
I’d Forgotten
I’m Gonna Hold You to That
It Flies
It Tears at Me
Keep Drivin’ James
Lady Suite (Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady/One Time Lover)
Last Love Song
Let ‘em Love
Let Me Out! Let Me Go!
Mr. Green
My Heart
My Vacation
Nobody Stole Your Lady
Odd Girl Out
Over and Over and Over
Patsy Cline
Play It Again
Searching for You
She’s Low Clouds
Schoolbreak Special Cues – Words to Live By
Somebody Else
Songs Were Just a Way to Say I Love You
Songs Are the Children
Sound Check Song
Southern Belle
Special Cues – Just Tipsy Honey
Standin’ in the Way of the Music
Straight Man
That’s the Way It Is with You
The Day
Think How Much You’ll Love Me
We’re Better Friends
When You Were Mine
Why Do You Have to Go and Make Me Crazy
Wind in the Trees
You Are
You Don’t Know What You’re in For
You Took the Words Out of My Mouth

I’m playing for the choir, now, as pinch hitter, and every time I play your piece, “It Flies,” I think to myself what a great natural, creative talent you are. There’s a very strong presence in that piece that touches the heart of every listener. It has a universal theme that communicates directly to everyone. You’ve done well. Keep up the good work.
Ian Brooks

Los Angeles, CA

Songs about love, penned at the intersection of emotion and intellect, without a trace of love-song mawkishness. Commercial, yet original. Feminine, with universal appeal. In fact, an expression of just about all the songwriting ideals you describe on your web site.

Hereby know that people you may never meet are wishing you Godspeed on your journey, and please — just keep on Being Remarkable.

Jan Sinstadt


Your music is giving me physiological responses. The hair on my legs stands up! Goosebumps are not a usual occurrences. All warm cozy, fuzzy, joyful, ad infinitum. I feel what you wrote. You make love to the English language. “tonight I would kill to be where you are.” My God, woman, you rock! I am blessed to know you. You are the best.
Terry Aziere

Songs by Harriet Schock as a Co-Writer

All I Had Wanted – Harriet Schock, Michel Rubini

All My Life – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal, Peter Roberts

Always You – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

And I Miss You – Harriet Schock, Craig Safan

Baby Makes Five (series theme) – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Back to a Perfect World – Harriet Schock, Douglas Cooper Getchal

Back to School – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Beats a Heart – Harriet Schock, Michael Boddicker

Bring Me Back – Harriet Schock, Kelly Fitzgerald

Building a Home – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Calling – Harriet Schock, Randy Foote, Brett Hudson, Mark Hudson, William Oliver Hudson, Peter Leinheiser

Calling All Girls – Harriet Schock, Skip Adams, Misha Segal

Captivated – Harriet Schock, Barbara Jordan

Case of the Silk King – Cues – Harriet Schock, Barbara Jordan

Change the Story – Harriet Schock, Vasalle Benford, Patrick Henderson

Chocolate Cake – Harriet Schock, Michael Mish

Come and Get It – Harriet Schock, Lenny Macaluso

Dancing with My Father – Ron Troutman, Harriet Schock

Dapper Warren – Harriet Schock, Robert O. Ragland

Disney’s Sing Me a Story with Belle – Harriet Schock, Andrew Belling

Don Juan Triumphant – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Falcons Song – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Feel My Love – Harriet Schock, Steve Thoma

Fire – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

First Time on a Ferris Wheel – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Flying – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Forever – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal, Peter Roberts

Giving in to Everything – Harriet Schock, Brian Pothier, Adam Nicol Roach, Kelly Fitzgerald

Growing Growing Grown – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Happiness – Harriet Schock, William D. Smith

Haunted – Harriet Schock, Leon Ware

Headphone Source – Harriet Schock, Robert O. Ragland

Heart to Heart Regeneration – Harriet Schock, Patrick Henderson

Hold On to the Night – Harriet Schock, Debbie James

How Was My Heart to Know – Harriet Schock, Peter Schless

I Did It – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

I Don’t Wanna Know What She Looks Like

I Got Used to Being Loved – Harriet Schock, Douglas Cooper Getchal

I Never Got to Tell Him Goodbye – Harriet Schock, Ken Hirsch

If I Only – Harriet Schock, Randall Michael Tobin

If You Listen – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

If You Want Something Done – Harriet Schock, Jan Herrell Bidewell, Carmel Helene

In the World to Come – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

It’s Starting Again – Harriet Schock, Pat Robinson

It Takes Patience – Harriet Schock, Pat Robinson

Jakers! Main Title Song – Harriet Schock, Geoff Levin

Just Around the Corner – Harriet Schock, Anita Whitaker

Kiss Me Awake – Harriet Schock, Joan Enguita, Travis Allen

Laughing At the Rain – Harriet Schock, Brian Pothier, Adam Nicol Roach, Kelly Fitzgerald

Leavin’ for Good – Harriet Schock, Anna Montgomery

Let Them Talk of Home – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Let Them Talk of Home (Main and End Titles) – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Life and Adventures of Santa Claus the – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Little Bit Me Little Bit You – Harriet Schock, Larry Steelman

Little Is Just Right for Me – Harriet Schock, Robin Frederick

Look at Me – Harriet Schock, Robert O. Ragland

Look At That View – Harriet Schock, Geoff Levin, Misha Segal

Looking For Heaven – Harriet Schock, Michael Campbell

Love Wears a Thin Disguise Theme – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Made Cues – Playwrights – Harriet Schock, Larry Steelman

Manor Will Be Mine Theme – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Matters of the Heart Cues – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal, Skip Adams

Me And You – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Merry Christmas Tree – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Missin You – Harriet Schock, Patrick Henderson, Vasalle Benford

Neon Angel – Harriet Schock, Steve Gillette

Never Gonna Let You Know – Harriet Schock, Kerry Gordy, Alphonso Boyd, Bruce Fisher, Lorenzo Gerard Pryor, Eugene Henderson

Nothing Personal – Harriet Schock, Terry Shaddick

Okay, You Win, I Give Up, You’re Right, I’m Gone – Harriet Schock, Jannel Rap

Old Blue Jeans – Harriet Schock, Dan Foliart, Howard Pearl

Once You Really Love – Party Source – Harriet Schock, Robert O. Ragland

Pippi Longstocking Is Coming Into Your Town – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Quietest Part of the Day – Harriet Schock, Steve Wagner

Real Love Gets Better – Harriet Schock, Peter Schless

Right From the Start – Harriet Schock, Helmar Basedow

Roll Me Down the Midnight Road – Harriet Schock, Norman Gimbel

Runnin’ Away – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Running in Circles – Harriet Schock, Geoff Levin, Misha Segal

Santa’s Sleighride – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Scrubbing Day – Misha Segal Secret Garden Cues – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Seventh Coin Cues – Harriet Schock, Skip Adams, Misha Segal

Shot in the Dark – Harriet Schock, Bruce Larsen

Star of My Fantasies – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Starting Again – Harriet Schock, Pat Robinson

Sticky Situation – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Surprise Source – Harriet Schock, Robert O. Ragland

Take Me – Harriet Schock, Alan Axelrod

Take My Hand – Harriet Schock, Bob Nicksic

Tell Me What You Want – Harriet Schock, William D. (Smitty) Smith

Texas Dreaming – Harriet Schock, Jay Asher

Texas Soul – Harriet Schock, Dene Hofheinz Anton, Ron Anton, Ken Hirsch

Tim Brando Show Cues – Harriet Schock, Larry Steelman

Too Hot – Harriet Schock, Kostas

True to You – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal, Skip Adams

United Or Divided – Harriet Schock, Pat Robinson

Wake Up Call – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Watch Your Step – Harriet Schock, Patti Caron, Geoff Levin, Misha Segal

We Go Better Together – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

We Live on the Seas – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

We Were Too in Love – Jay Asher

When the Magic Dies – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal

Where Do You Go – Harriet Schock, Mark Hudson

Winds of Change – Harriet Schock, Frederick Talgorn

You Just Don’t Get Me, Do Ya? – Holly Mathis, Harriet Schock

You’ll Never Make Me a Stranger – Harriet Schock, Patrick Henderson

You Make It Hard to Love You – Harriet Schock, Craig Safan

You’re Not a Lover – Harriet Schock, Misha Segal


This way to Harriet Schock’s Collaboration page…

When I was a little girl my parents introduced me to your songs and I got the LP Hollywood Town.

Your music and songwriting has inspired me to become the person I am today. You know, the feelings you get from the music you listened to when you were young is so special and gives such strong feelings. Brings back so many memories.

I come from a little, tiny village in the forest, in Sweden, and your LP had travelled so far to get to me, I think it’s amazing!

Now many years later, when I don’t have an LP player, and I’ve been filled with so much music on every music school I’ve been to, in the end I still come back to your music, find you here, and still get so emotionally touched by it.

Well, now I study at the Royal School of Music here in Stockholm and I have 2 years left.

So thank you Harriet. For your music.

Best regards


from the band, Mollyban


I checked out your website. It is lovely. And I listened to your song too. I love your work!

Nancy Cartwright

"In Search of Fellini", Voice of Bart Simpson

I (Mirza Skornja) give you (Harriet Schock) the award of the best lyricist who has totally the greatest control over the English language. You should be proud, lady…
Mirza Skornja

My jaw dropped from the very set up (of “Search”) through to the very end of the song. You are a genius. I know how much truth lives within each of those lines; and I am so moved by your perfection of presenting a powerful truth in line after line of graceful elegance. And the melody is perfect! Again I say, Oh my.
Elaine Dempsey

(from Big Wide Grin)

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