1 - HS Songwriter
Multi-Platinum Songwriter
2 - HS Recording Artist

[Rosebud] surely ranks as one of the most important, impressive albums of the decade.
— Charles Donovan, allmusic.com

3 - HS Performer

Harriet knows how to take an audience and make them friends.
— JD Hinton

4 - HS Teacher

Harriet Schock is, in my opinion, one of the few who have earned the right to be called a “songwriting teacher.”
— David Pomeranz

Harriet Schock is, in my opinion, one of the few who have earned the right to be called a “songwriting teacher.”
— David Pomeranz, Multi-Platinum Songwriter/Artist

5 - HS Author

She writes with courage and grace and honesty. And, lucky for us, she wrote this book.
— Arthur Hamilton

She writes with courage and grace and honesty. And, lucky for us, she wrote this book.
— Arthur Hamilton, composer/lyricist

6 - HS Actress

Harriet Schock breaks you up. You laugh, you cry, but most of all, you pay attention to her.
— Tommy Garrett, Highlight Hollywood

7 - HS Host

Harriet, you do put together the coolest, most eclectic shows... — James Hurley

Harriet, you do put together the coolest, most eclectic shows...
— James Hurley

Harriet, you do put together the coolest, most eclectic shows... — James Hurley

Harriet Schock Logo


Harriet Schock’s innovative songwriting classes enable songwriters of all levels to become remarkable in the art and craft of writing songs. Harriet teaches privately in Los Angeles and her Step-by-Step Online Songwriting Course is available to people around the world via private e-mail. Video consultations are also available via Skype.

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From writing songs for film and television, to collaborating with her contemporaries, to working on stage and screen projects, Harriet Schock continues to create with some of the best in the business.

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Up-to-date info on Harriet Schock’s classes, concerts, films, plays, seminars, workshops and other events of interest.

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Raves, Rants, Reviews

“So enjoying your CD. I love the way you write and deliver a song. What a gift. Thank you so much for being in the world to tell us these stories through song.” — Nita Whitaker LaFontaine

“Your music and songwriting have inspired me to become the person I am today.” — Alexzandra, Stockholm, Sweden

“Just wanted to say I enjoyed your CD concert immensely. Your tender, sensitive and spontaneous rendition of all your material was a remarkable example of your rare talents. A real treat for me.” — Dana White

“Lada and I wish to Congratulate you on the Awesome Lyrics for the StarKey Song! We were overcome with JOY hearing you sing the special words you chose. You’re truly Wonderful, Harriet!” — Matthew and Lada

“In Yiddish theatre, which is referenced in the play we do together, audience members were told they could get their money back if they didn’t both laugh and cry at the performance. No one would have asked for their money back after your CD release concert.” — David Proval

“The listener is allowed into deeply personal-universal places and leaves with greater understandings of him/her-self as well as you and the subjects you write about. You really love people, and that's very cool!” — Leslie Welles

“Harriet’s a brilliant comedian who introduces each of her songs with a hilarious, bracingly honest back story that gives the people in the dark a little insight on how great songs are created.” — Julie Davis

“It’s really brilliant how you came up with these [songwriting] steps. Just a great, GREAT, idea.” — Denise Rosier

“Even stronger than my desire to write songs is my gratitude to be able to work on it at this point in my life. You have kept me going and are the best teacher I ever had or will have.” — Marian Weiner

“I learned that my most powerful songs truly do come from my real life experiences and that when I share my feelings, in song, I am able to heal myself.” — Cynthia Land

New songwriting workshops starting!


New 10-week songwriting workshop starting Monday and Tuesday, March 29 and 30.

Monday class-2 03-07-22
Tuesday class-4 3-1-22

Tuesday night workshop

Here's your chance to join an amazing, supportive group of songwriters all creating songs with my confidential steps that take the effort out of songwriting and help you write a song that has the same emotional impact on the listener that the event/person/realization had on you! This course privately is $650, online by email is $550. But this Zoom class is only $360. Contact me right away (213 840-6732) if you're interested in joining us. This is your opportunity to work with a Grammy-nominated song writing teacher, and get your song writing craft skills super polished.

It's more fun than people should be allowed to have looking at a computer screen.

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Harriet Schock New Course

Click here for free preview and info on Harriet’s brand new online course, “Getting Emotional Impact into Your Songs”!

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The Harriet Schock Story

Thanks to the many great friends and fans of Harriet Schock, in 2020 we successfully raised the initial funds for the film production. This was PHASE 1 and it financed Pre-Production & Beginning Photography.

Production was delayed due to the lockdowns but then, near the end of 2021, we were able to film, with multiple high-quality film cameras, in a beautiful concert venue, Harriet and her band performing a wide selection of Harriet’s songs. This performance material will serve as a visual and musical bedrock that will be used throughout the film.

Read the update below and click/tap the video to see the new trailer with excerpts from the 2021 concert and details about Phase 2 funding.

Harriet Schock - Hollywood Town
The actual Preview this time

Click on the picture of my band and me (below) to watch the Preview of my Documentary

phase 2 pic

Preview of Documentary

Because so many people missed it day before yesterday, please click on the picture above to see the short preview Tom Solari, the director has put together with the Phase 1 funds. After you see it, you can then go to Indiegogo to read more about what's happening now! HOLLYWOOD TOWN - The Harriet Schock Story, Phase 2 | Indiegogo

If you're new to this project, start with the video at the top of the Indiegogo page, which explains what it's about. Besides being informed, you'll be entertained.

I appreciate all of you who have jumped in to back it right away. That's very helpful. Any amount is helpful because Indiegogo will help promote us if we raise enough funds the first week! And to thank you for jumping in early, your name will appear on the Phase 2 Early Backer Honor Roll!

Here's another link to the preview if you didn't click on the picture above. SHORT PREVIEW--- a brief taste of what's to come. I'm excited my whole band is in it!

Then go to Indiegogo and decide how big a part you want to play:

Indiegogo link

When you're on the Indiegogo site, click on the picture of the perk and all the info will show up!


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