Sunday Night at the Pavilion (SNAP!) with Harriet Schock and Friends began in 2011 and has built a reputation as one of the top singer/songwriter showcases in Southern California. The Garden Pavilion at Celebrity Centre in Hollywood is an ideal venue for solo, duo and small ensembles and includes a beautiful grand piano as well as a professional audio, lighting and video crew. Admission is only $5 and complimentary on-site parking is provided. Top-Tier Talent presented by a Master of the Art and Craft of Songwriting in a Beautiful Setting… Come join us at the next SNAP!

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Harriet Schock - SNAP - Sunday Night at the Pavilion - 8-13-2017 After Show Group Photo
SNAP! August 13, 2017 (L-R): Bronson Belleza, Art Podell, Judy Montgomery, Jim Bouchard, Julie Davis, Alan August, Andrea Ross-Greene, Kevin Kelso, Laura Gold, Flo, Jon Statham, Harriet Schock (seated).

Sunday Night at the Pavilion ~ Video Gallery

A fine night out with good friends and good music! Thanks to Harriet, the fine artists on the bill, and the talented artists and friends who came to listen and support!

Bill Berry

Another incredible evening! Great to share it with all of you.

Amy Engelhardt

A great night and we did all have a great time!

Steven Neal Wagner

So great to see all my friends perform. Everyone just keeps getting better and better.

Art Podell

I am SO excited and honored to be singing a Harriet Schock song at this upcoming SNAP. Harriet is a gift like no other to the singer/songwriter (and of course audiences around the globe). Inspiring, encouraging, coaxing and charming her way into everyone’s heart. Thank you, Harriet!

Barbara Shane

It was another night of good music. Btw, it’s a big lie that a couple of people made me cry. That’s ridiculous…(damn you Laura & Kevin)

Danny Roque

Loved doing this show and hearing all of you!

John Statham