Seeing Harriet Schock in concert is the best way to experience the heart and soul of this genuine artist. Whether it’s an intimate house concert, mid-size club, or theater venue, with Harriet, you’ll soon forget about the surroundings as you become immersed in her stories behind the songs, her spontaneity, and, of course, the songs themselves. Whether it’s with her own band, playing solo, or sharing the spotlight with other performers, you’ll definitely leave one of Harriet’s shows with a brighter outlook!

Check out these videos of Harriet Schock performing at Theta Sound Studio LIVE! and on Jeanie Cunningham’s Composer’s Corner television program.

Also on this page you’ll find oodles of Kudos from fans and music journalists, as well as a Gallery of selected photos from Harriet’s shows.

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Harriet Schock at Theta Sound Studio LIVE!

Harriet Schock on Composer’s Corner

Harriet Schock at Theta Sound Studio LIVE!

I couldn’t have been more enthralled tonight. You are MASTERFUL. As a story teller, as a songwriter, as a performer, as a leader, as a beautiful and sexy lady, you SHONE, and I was overjoyed watching and listening to you. You crack me up with your stories. So wonderfully human, and genuinely….real! Your songs so…perfect.

Following that emotion, you recovered us beautifully back to the humor and hubris of your life, and it hit me like a rock. This show, and these songs, are truly, (in my very honest of honest opinions), “Tapestry” quality. Your performance, your singing, your…life in melodic poetry is the very essence of what made Carole King so treasured back in the 70’s. Would that the rest of the world could see what I saw, and hear what I heard tonight!

Your light shines so brightly, I am blinded with inspiration.

(In admiration, adoration, and…all that [rock!!] jazz ….),

Jeanie Cunningham

Producer, Composers Corner

After your Friday concert (which was great and which we seven women loved very much), one of my friends told me later she cried through much of your show — in the nicest way. She was so taken “by something” that she was not really listening to the words. But the sounds and the spirit made her cry. It was very beautiful.

Thank you for carrying on in your clear and simple way! You are an inspiration. And fun.


There is truly so much I could say about your work. My most recent understanding is that your work illuminates the human condition, but with so much compassion that the view is always kind. The listener is allowed into deeply personal-universal places and leaves with greater understandings of him/her-self as well as you and the subjects you write about. You really love people, and that’s very cool!

Leslie Welles

…Evoked traces of Joni Mitchell with occasional Texas-bred overtones of Reba McEntire.


Jason McCloskey

Cabaret Corner, Drama-Logue

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night! It warmed my cockles to hear that sweet voice of yours singing your wonderful songs again. Those songs! They’re not only sterling examples of superior craftsmanship, they also offer insight, compassion and sensitivity. Art should be enlightening, and your songs are revealing in a way that provides the listener with an emotional understanding of the issues you write about. I loved the song about your students. It was so heartfelt. And now that I am a father of a six-year-old girl, I Could Have Said It All brought tears to my eyes.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. It helps make everything right in the world.

Moose McMains

My Mom and I so enjoyed the concert. I am touched as usual by your lyrics…the craftsmanship of your songs…the emotions that they reflect…so honest…and vulnerable. I had never heard the songs before last week. I would enjoy hearing all the songs I haven’t heard for to me you are certainly one in a million.


Your show was as delightful as could be! I love your songs and I loved hearing you sing them; I so appreciate the direct connection between your words, your heart and your fingers.

I hope you had a moment to “take in” how much you are loved, respected and appreciated.

Tamara Kline

As a writer, I’ve found myself often thinking about “who’s responsible”… and Harriet, you’re right there. Your craftsmanship wowed me in the 70s, but your talents now reach a different eye and ear, and they seem all the greater.

You’ve risked telling the truth and those who listen to you have to risk hearing the truth. What a thrill to hear you outside of the solitary chambers of my heart… to see others lifted from themselves into your songs to be returned to themselves by your songs.

Thank you so so very much…

Linda Opyr

Your concert was a delight! Your unique brand of musical insight is a real joy to experience. You are so talented both lyrically and musically — it’s just awesome!

I also love how clearly you communicate with your songs. I think it must take a lot of courage not to be pretentious, vague and “artsy” as a performing artist. And you just put yourself out there with none of those crutches, and it’s a beautiful sight.

I’m humming all your wonderful songs today!

Jason Hayes

Your show was sort of like watching a poet because the whole room, including me, was hanging on every word. From a songwriting standpoint, of course, the songs are flawless. But I really got a sense that the songwriting rules were not dictating what the song did, but were more guidelines for creating the form.


You were magnificent — you created such a relaxed atmosphere, and your spoken introductions to each song were all either funny or touching. I think I learned everything I’ll ever need to know about on-stage poise and presence, just from watching you for that hour. I’ve been to dozens and dozens of concerts, but there are two I’ll never forget — Janis Ian at The Cambridge Theatre, London in 1993, and you last weekend in Chard; both beautiful, precious moments in time. Thanks!

Charles Donovan

We were so touched, floored even. We thought we already knew how wonderful and talented you are but we were just stunned tonight. Talk about emotional Impact!

Everything was perfect and balanced just right. It felt personal which is often missing in those totally polished, overproduced shows, even when they are impressive.

Elsa and Ron

I really enjoyed last night. It’s always a pleasure to be in your presence and experience your music. I love your sense of humor and you’re just downright charming.

John Townsend

Yes, I stayed through both standing ovations. Despite my favorite saying that “talking about music is like dancing about architecture,” I thought it was a great show, and that crowd clearly adores you. I was particularly impressed with your stage presence — you have some really great stories and delivery, and I think most great performers can’t talk to a crowd like that.

Matt Jones

I want to thank YOU for creating songs with meaning and humor and heartfelt wishes because there’s precious little such art on the market, and for the inspiration you’ve been to other artists who speak of you in loving terms. People I bring to your shows and concerts are always touched and delighted. And, of course, so am I.

Richard Steed

While singers make sounds for you to hear, singer-songwriters are intent on communicating a message along with the sounds and I found myself not just hearing the songs but really listening to what they said. Harriet’s mastery of metaphor and the truth with which it was delivered moved me.

Catch her next performance or listen to her CD’s and you’ll know what I mean.

Paris Morfopoulos