Anyone who has seen Harriet Schock in concert knows how entertaining and special her stories are that introduce each song. That aspect of Harriet’s talents caught the attention of iconic, independent filmmaker Henry Jaglom, who cast Harriet in key roles for two of his movies and one of his theatrical plays.

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Harriet Schock breaks you up. You laugh, you cry, but most of all, you pay attention to her, and you want to know Sally. She’s the aunt we all have, only with a lot more charm and if Sally lacks poise, her portrayer makes up for it in a big way. She is almost operatic in her style, very conservative yet she blasts off the screen at you. Whereas Salinger’s Vivien is just too elegant not to notice, Schock’s Sally is noticeable because she has a hidden spark that the actress knows how to ignite in just the perfect time in each scene.

Tommy Garrett

Highlight Hollywood

Especially in the early scenes, Jaglom peppers the Isaacs’ dialogue with witty allusions and jokes that lightly satirize the theatrical community. The most inspired of these — a hysterical line about Mike Nichols and drug addiction delivered by Harriet Schock, with her impeccable comedic timing — will earn many laughs, especially from audience members in the show business community.

Jason Southern

All Movie Guide/TV Guide

Harriet Schock as the ditzy boarder, adds a light-hearted funny tone to the film.

Irene Rubaum-Keller

The Huffington Post

You have really been initiated into the world of improv. I was so impressed with you in the play, you were on stage the whole time and totally contributed to the motion of the story. I am still amazed by how quick you are. You really have a natural ability for the spirit of play. It is really cool to get to say the great Harriet Schock performed with us and what makes it even better is that you were so hilarious. What a blast it is to have you with us. It is such an honor to get to perform with a great artist like you. I have a great prejudice for people who make me laugh. Have you always been so funny?

Rachel Hutcheson

The Really Spontaneous Theatre Company