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Harriet Schock

Harriet Schock is, in my opinion, one of the few who have earned the right to be called a "songwriting teacher." This is simply because she, herself, is a living, breathing virtuoso.

- David Pomeranz, Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Recording Artist
Harriet teaches in person one-on-one, in classes and online. If you do not live in the Los Angeles area, you can still study with her by enrolling in her online online songwriting course.

Online songwriting Courses

Harriet Schock teaches a step-by-step method that enables songwriters to become remarkable at writing songs -- songs that touch people emotionally. And Harriet doesn't simply coach a student through the writing of one song.  She teaches a technique that students can use now and in the future to make every single song the very best it can be.

The Course
Delivered by private email (or by mail for $50 more), the ten-week course consists of ten lessons which create a solid foundation for writing songs effortlessly. Problems such as beginning a song and not knowing how to finish it, unclear or illogical lyrics, lack of response from listeners, weak melody, uncompelling harmony, and other difficulties that can plague songwriters seem to vanish when a writer uses the system taught in Harriet's course.

Each student receives personal attention from Harriet, making every lesson a valuable learning experience. This is the same course that Harriet has taught at the University of Southern California and in Phoenix under the auspices of the Arizona Songwriter's Association.

Addressing You
The Harriet Schock Songwriting Course addresses you as an individual.  Not stressing any particular style of music or lyric, the course takes you from where you are now with your songwriting ability to a place of greater competence and creativity.

For the Professional and the Novice
The more experienced you are, the more you will get out of the course.  Though not designed for beginners, if you are new to songwriting, Harriet's course can be adapted to suit your level of experience and ability.  As a professional you will fine tune your skills and address some of the problems you have encountered.  As a novice you'll build your confidence and develop good songwriting habits from the start.  If you are between these extremes the course will help you develop your style and become remarkable at writing songs.

How to Enroll
Getting started is easy!  The tuition for the entire online songwriting course is $550.00 ($500.00 if all online songwriting is done by e-mail), payable by check or money order.  Just print, fill out and mail the application along with your payment.

Paying By Credit Card
The tuition for the entire course is also payable by Visa or MasterCard. Pay by credit card. But don't forget to fill out and mail the application.

More Questions?
You can e-mail Harriet directly.  If you'd like to hear what some of Harriet's students have to say, click here.

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