Dear fans who have become friends and friends who have become fans,

My primary motivation is to affect your lives in a beneficial way--whether it's to inspire you into action or make you feel as though someone else has lived your experience too. Your letters to me make me realize I have done this at times. They make all the difference to me. They keep me going on days when I wonder whether my entire career is an exercise in frivolity. That I could have touched your life enough that you write to me lets me know that it was all for something. 

For those of you who have taken the time to write and mail me physical letters, rest assured they are safe in boxes, because I rarely throw anything away! Those of you who have written me by email from around the world, I have a separate folder for your kind correspondence. Most of them aren't on this page, but if you are looking for yourself and can't find your letter, let me know and I'll put you up here.

With love and appreciation,
Letters From the Fans:

Jan Sinstadt

Jeanie Cunningham

Rachel Hutcheson

Elsa & Ron



The Songs:

Ferris Wheel


Linda Opyr, poet and Harriet


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